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Dual Maps

About Dual Maps

  • Dual maps combine Google Maps, Birds Eye Imagery and Google Street View into one embeddable control.
  • Dual Maps are free to use. No registration is required.
  • Many customization options are available.

Dual Map Preview

Create Your Dual Map

Dual Maps are now hosted at our main Map Channels site. Click on the link below to visit the Dual Maps page.


If you have any comments or suggestions about Dual Maps please use the Map Channels Contact Page to get in touch.

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Map Channels Tools Index

Team MapsTeam Maps


Team Maps combine and display multiple feeds of data. Locations can be displayed using a combination of maps, birds eye view and street view.

• Multiple resizeable panels including two Google maps, Google Street View, YouTube video, index panel and profile panel.
• KML, Text and GPX format feeds are supported.
• Import data from other Map Channels projects (e.g. Map Channels v8).
• View routes using animated streetview or with synchronized YouTube video.
• Clustering option to display large number of markers.
• Add filters (name, category and value) to view a subset of places.
• An extensive range of options are available to customize your Team Map.

Dual MapsDual Maps


Dual Maps combine Google Maps, Google Street View and Birds Eye imagery into one embeddable control.

• Many customization options are available.
• Include an address search box.
• Supply either a latitude/longitude coordinate or a place address as a parameter.
• Free to use, no registration is required.
• See also Team Maps which can display multiple locations using a similar interface.

Quad View MapsQuad View Maps


Quad View Maps display a set of synchronized maps plus street view that let you view a location from multiple angles.

• When the 'Map x4' option is selected four separate maps are displayed in birds eye mode, each facing in a different direction.
• When street view is enabled a pegman marker is displayed on each map. The pegman marker on the first map can be dragged and dropped to change the current street view position.
• Use the address search text box to view different locations.
• Free to use, no registration is required.

Animated Route MapsAnimated Route Maps


Route Maps display a set of directions as a route map with animated street view.

• Display Google Street View and Birds Eye imagery (where available) for any point along the route.
• Watch an animation of all or part of the journey.
• Many options available to customize the map.
• Simple to embed the map on your web page, no registration is required.
• See also Team Maps which can display multiple routes with animated street view.

Video MapsVideo Maps


Video maps display a YouTube video alongside a route map. A marker indicates the currently viewed location on the route map.

• Click on any point along the route to view the imagery for that location.
• Optional display of street view and a route elevation chart.
• A separate version using the Leaflet Maps API is available.
• See also Team Maps which can display multiple routes with synchronized YouTube video or animated street view.

Map Channels v8Map Channels v8


Map Channels v8 can be used to map a collection of places and to edit the place data.

• Filter by category or by name.
• Display Google Street View.
• Search for a selected address or business by name.
• View your current location on the map.
• Add, edit or delete places on your map.
Earlier version of the Map Channels tool are available here :

Map Channels Version 7 :

Map Channels Version 6 :

Map Channels Version 5 :

Map Channels Version 4 :

GPX Maps


Two tools are available map route data in GPX format :

(1) GPX Maps - displays a map and elevation chart.
(2) Video GPX Maps - displays a map, video and elevation chart.

Treasure Maps


Treasure Maps create a 'treasure hunt' style game using Google Maps and Street View. Follow clues to discover a series of places on the map.

Try one of the example Treasure Maps or create your own.

Street View Driver


Explore cities at street view level using this improvised driving simulator.

Local Maps


Local Maps provide a simple way to create a map displaying a single place marker.
Options include:

• Google Street View.
• Driving, bicycling and walking directions.
• Google Places Search.
• Show map layers including traffic, bicycling and public transit.
• Distance Tools to measure distances between points or display a radius circle around the place.

Location Maps


Location Maps are a simple tool that display a map for a single location with optional street view.

Switch Maps


Switch Maps can display a single place marker and/or a KML data feed.

Switch Maps offer a choice of maps API to use when viewing the map, either the Google Maps API or the Mapbox API (using LeafletJS).

Street View Postcards


Street View Postcards let you display a selected street view panorama with additional text and image labels.

• Display your own custom panorama images.
• Create clickable web links.
• Animate labels.
• Rotate the Street View panorama.

Street Tours


Street Tours combine Google Street View and Maps to display an interactive tour.

Street Tours can display mutiple outdoor or indoor locations.

Clickable labels can be displayed within the street view panorama to provide additional information for the user.

Autocomplete Maps


Autocomplete Maps are a way to display Google Search Autocomplete results for a collection of places on a map.

Although the results are not necessarily scientific or correct they can be quite informative and/or entertaining.

Clicking the labels will display a list of all the Autocomplete results that were obtained.

You can create and manage your Autocomplete Maps using the dashboard.

A range of options let you select the search terms and display format for your map.



The marker page provides a reference table of the markers available within Google My Maps plus links to other marker sets.

API Key Reference


The API Key Reference provides a guide to creating and managing API keys for use with the Google Maps API.

An API key is not required for most Map Channels tools.

Some maps which can be locally hosted on your own website do need an API key.

Route Utilities


The Route Utilities page contains a collection of utilities to assist with creating and editing route data.These are:

• Route Free Draw Utility
• Directions To KML Utility
• Route To GPX Utility
• GPX Compression Utility

Spreadsheet Tools


This page provides two tools:

• KML to Tab Delimited Conversion
• Tab Delimited to KML Conversion

Map Channels Arcade


Map Channels Arcade hosts some projects in areas beyond mapping which use HTML5 Canvas.

Cat Has Hat : Test your powers of observation and reaction while viewing a series of super-cute cat pictures.

Tank of Duty : Fight tank battles on your desktop.

Animated Fractal Trees : View a collection of structures and create your own animated fractal structures.

Free Canvas Slideshow : An open source HTML5 Canvas Slideshow which is easy to add to your website.

Map Channels Events


Map Channels Events provides calendars and maps for upcoming events.

Features include :

A - Z Cities Index

Worldwide Venue and Event Map


TripGeo is a mapping and travel resource.

The site hosts the Directions Map tools which animates journeys using Google Maps and Street View.

My Maps Plus


My Maps Plus is the forerunner site of Map Channels, created in 2007. The original My Maps Plus mapping tool allowed users to create embeddable maps using data from Google My Maps.

User registration is now closed for My Maps Plus. Updated versions of the original mapping tools are now available through Map Channels.


See Bournemouth


See Bournemouth is a local tourism guide to Bournemouth, a coastal resort town in England.

The site was set up in 2006 and was the starting point for developing server-side and mapping code that was later used within Map Channels websites.

The current version of See Bournemouth uses an adapted version of the Team Maps tool to display maps, street view and placemarks.

The map also includes imagery from an historic 1897 street map and an Ordnance Survey map from 1931.

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